BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainallow setting the RTC from the compilation date & timeJean-Claude Wippler22 hours
mooseupdate README to note that this code is now obsoleteJean-Claude Wippler2 months
v1bump to v1.31Jean-Claude Wippler6 months
tvemisc tweaks, many to make things work for TvEThorsten von Eicken5 years
v2.0a1commit 5d799f832c...Jean-Claude Wippler7 weeks
v1.31commit 619ea49f62...Jean-Claude Wippler6 months
v1.30commit c25ff30ef9...Jean-Claude11 months
v1.29commit 49e617646c...Jean-Claude11 months
v1.28commit fa96b48077...Jean-Claude11 months
v1.27commit 4cbc086adf...Jean-Claude13 months
v1.26commit df9013470c...Jean-Claude15 months
v1.25commit 1f50304d56...Jean-Claude17 months
v1.24commit fff580c948...Jean-Claude18 months
v1.23commit bcce67853e...Jean-Claude21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
22 hoursallow setting the RTC from the compilation date & timeHEADmainJean-Claude Wippler2-0/+33
3 daysadd checkRamLaunch(), see doodle/zmodem/ for exampleJean-Claude Wippler2-1/+16
4 daysqspi mmap + write now work, tested on f723Jean-Claude Wippler2-15/+54
5 daysreset QSPI mode for SPI flash in deinit()Jean-Claude Wippler2-0/+5
5 dayscleanupJean-Claude Wippler2-4/+0
2023-01-10re-enable failAt output, fix operator= casesJean-Claude Wippler3-8/+10
2023-01-05drop default debug output in jee-os.cppJean-Claude Wippler1-4/+0
2023-01-03increase uart-dma rx buffers from 10 to 100 bytesJean-Claude Wippler2-2/+2
2023-01-03add uart7 dma defsJean-Claude Wippler1-0/+2
2023-01-03don't revoke in os::callJean-Claude Wippler1-10/+5