Headers for framework- and platform-agnostic code https://platformio.org/lib/show/3082/JeeH
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Headers for framework- and platform-agnostic code.

  • This code can be used in combination with arduino, libopencm3, mbed, and other frameworks.
  • A good C++ compiler with C++11 support is essential, due to heavy use of C++ templates.
  • The resulting code is small (really small, sometimes) and fast (really fast, sometimes).
  • Everything here is in flux. API’s will change, as better idioms are being discovered.
  • This library is intended for use with PlatformIO: just add JeeH to lib_deps.


See the Sampler project.


JeeH wants to stand on the shoulders of giants. Since all giants tend to prefer their own licensing schemes (that’s the perk of being a giant), JeeH bows in total worship of each of them and lives in the public domain. Do as you wish.