Dabbling in the world of FPGAs
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Dabbling in the world of FPGAs

stiv-fsmc : Fast data transfers with an STM32 using its FSMC hardware
mini-sramtest : This adds a 512Kx8 SRAM, connected via a custom PCB
stiv-sdramtest : Adapted from SDRAM code which came with the Storm IV board
stiv-vgaout : VGA test ported to the Storm IV board, 8 colours
vgaout : Generate a 64-colour 640x480 VGA test signal
tvout : Generate a PAL monochrome composite video out signal
spiSim : Writing a minimal SPI master controller from scratch
sdramSim : Simulation of fpga4fun’s simple SDRAM memory controller
edgeSim : An example of simulating a circuit without hardware
lite8080 : A microcoded 8080 core running a Small-C demo - cystarter
fourHex : Display “1234” on the multiplexed 7-segment display - cy4easy
grayLeds : Count in Gray code on the eight built-in LEDs - cy4mini
tinyUart : Send out E’s @ 115200 baud over a tiny UART - cy4starter
vga1024 : Generate a 1024x600 VGA’ish test pattern - cy4starter
de10l-blink : Blink/counter demo for Terasic DE10-Lite, based on Max 10
de10l-clock : Alternate clock demo using PLL
de10l-vga : VGA demo for 800x600 display
de10l-spi : Interface Blue Pill with DE10-Lite via SPI
ice-example : Breathing LED demo using icestorm and TinyFPGA-B board

See http://jeelabs.org/.